This database includes well-studied CV genes, for which an understanding of regulation should provide insights into CV relevant biological issues. While only a fraction of these genes will be characterized in the PGA biological projects over the 4-year time period of this program, the sequence of ~200 genomic intervals containing CV genes will be obtained and comparatively annotated and included in the CVCGD.

The database contains a variety of information for each gene relevant to this project:

  • Gene name;
  • Gene ID in the OMIM database (OMIM);
  • Human map location (HM);
  • GenBank accession number for human cDNA (HC);
  • Mouse map location (MM);
  • GenBank accession number for mouse cDNA (MC).

We expect this list to change somewhat with time based on input from the CV research community and our External Advisory Board. In addition, the total number of genes included in the CVCGD may significantly increase if the quality of the human and mouse sequence coming from the public production sequencing centers is better than our predictions coupled with our plans to increasingly automate our cross-species comparisons and annotations.

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